A free and simple guide to help you set up your RV satellite TV

You’ve just arrived at your perfect camping spot, the RV satellite TV is one of the first things you want to set up. But how? As you may know, having television available while camping can make or break the trip.

Maybe you’ve never done this before. Maybe you’ve done this more times than I have. Either way, you should know the proper (and perhaps the easiest) way to set it up. Whether it’s Dish Network or Direct TV, I can help.

I’ve had so many phone calls over the years when folks are out camping and trying to get their RV satellite TV working. Most of the time, they’ve had bad cell phone reception because of their remote camping locations.

I have to say that helping them over the phone has been a difficult task indeed. After all these years, I finally wrote a guide that has proven to be a camper’s best resource for successfully setting up their satellite TV service.

If you don’t already have what you need for an RV satellite TV setup, here’s what you’ll need to get for the most cost effective solution (you can purchase these items individually or buy them as a kit):

1. A satellite tripod. 2. The correct size pole that fits in the tripod. 3. The correct satellite dish for your receiver and service. 4. A 3 foot cable and a 50+ foot cable. 5. A barrel connector. 6. A sat finder (or satellite meter). 7. The receiver you will be using in your RV.

My suggestion is to download and print my guide before you go camping unless you have internet service at the campsite. You are likely to run into other campers who could use the help of this guide as well. To download the free Dish Network RV satellite TV guide click here. For Directv, click here. I’ve noticed that some folks are just not cut out for setting up the satellite TV service no matter how much help is provided. In some cases, I’ve had to run on service calls to camping locations and I always end up helping more than just the one who called. If you fit into the category of always having problems getting your service set up, there are a few different solutions for you.

One solution is the dome antenna. This can be mounted to the top of your RV so you never have to set up a satellite dish again. There are dome antennas that can be pointed from a remote control inside the RV and there are ones that point themselves.

There’s also a product called “VU Cube” that you can place just about anywhere and point by remote control. "VU Cube will work with Dish Netowrk or Direct TV. Dish Network has a new product called the tailgater which is a self-pointing dish antenna that can be set up virtually anywhere. The only drawback is that it can only be used with Dish Network's model 211 high definition receiver.

If you have a question or suggestion about RV satellite TV, please contact us and add to the FAQ about HDTV list so I can make the answers available to everyone. In the meantime, I will be at my favorite camping location enjoying the game. Hope to see you there!

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